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Iron Deficiency

iron-deficiency.jpgWhat makes Nutrexin Iron Supplements Different?

Whenever our body is deficient in core nutrients like calcium or iron, selecting the correct, bioavailable supplement is critical to proper nutrient absorption to reach optimal wellness.

NUTREXIN offers a 2 tiered approach to help the body heal itself from the symptoms and effects of Iron Deficiency & Anemia, such as:


1. NUTREXIN BIO ACTIVE IRON formula provide the highest quality, fermented vitamins and minerals that are superior in their bioavailability along with powerful plant-based nutrient support to increase absorption and iron store levels.  Most importantly, Bio-Active Iron is gentle on the stomach and has no side effects of nausea, headache, or constipation as seen in conventional iron supplements.

2. Our IRON THERAPY tablets are a multi-targeted blend of homeopathic remedies is carefully formulated to relieve the most common symptoms associated with anemia, while improving the body's natural ability to absorb iron while improving the body's natural ability to absorb iron and other vital nutrients. 


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